DTRH is an ongoing project since 2013 we are creating the artwork for the festivalcampaigns.
We evolve the style year by year, keeping it fresh and psychedelic.

We design the artwork, festival trailer, website and announcements on various social media.
And make content for custom projects as waterscreens, 3d projection on Nijntje and VJ loops.  

DTRH 2019

DTRH 2018

DTRH 2017

DTRH 2016

DTRH 2015

DTRH 2014

Projection on water screen

Nijntje projection


Client:  Mojo Concerts Ide Kofferman / Bente Bollmann
Design & Art direction:  Merijn Hos
Motion Design: Jurriaan Hos
Audio: Wilco Alkema
Web: Frismedia

Copyright Jurriaan Hos 2021