A Place So Far, A Place So Near, A Place So Sweet, A Place So Dear.

Four titles that together form a short poem, reflecting the concept behind this VR installation. An interactive experience that allows for multiple visitors at once to influence the virtual space they're in by using their hands. Touching the magical sphere in the center of the installation takes the visitors on a melancholic and futuristic journey through an endless variety of worlds, from molecular fields to the deepest end of the universe.

Artists: Merijn en Jurriaan Hos
VR: Studio VRij
Sound design: Felbm
Sphere: Studio Raito
Production: Joep Smeets / De Helling
                       Lucas Steenhuis / Firma Brandwacht

Merijn & Jurriaan Hos

Soft Landing takes you on a journey from dark to light. You move through an ever changing colour spectrum that will be unique for everyone. You work your way through these layers of colour and arrive at the core: warmth and light. A shared place that connects the visitors in the core.

Concept and design by Merijn & Jurriaan Hos
A co-production with STRP festival
Build by Snode Vormgevers
Light ans sound design by Jan Fedinger

NY Harbour Concept
Merijn & Jurriaan Hos

For the New York Harbour we were asked to pitch on an installation above a bar. The concept consisted out multiple sheres in the style of Merijns artwork and represent light spheres going trough a portal bringing colour and warmth. Sadly this stayed a concept.

Lowlands Intergalactic
Motion design by Jurriaan Hos

Two 20 meter high towers standing opposite each other on the Lowlands festival. Together with Mojo and Hansje van Halen we developed these.
My part involved making the pixel mapping for the project and the content. This isntallation returns on a yearly base at the festival.

Copyright Jurriaan Hos 2021