Merijn & Jurriaan Hos


Soft Landing takes you on a journey from dark to light. You move through a colour spectrum that will be different for everyone. You work your way through these layers of colour and arrive at the core: warmth and light.

A co-production with STRP festival
Build by Snode Vormgevers
Light design by Jan Fedinger

NY Harbour Concept
Merijn & Jurriaan Hos

For the New York Harbour we were asked to pitch on an installation above a bar. The concept consisted out multiple sheres in the style of Merijns artwork and represent light spheres going trough a portal bringing colour and warmth.

Lowlands Intergalactic
Motion design by Jurriaan Hos

Two 20 meter high towers standing opposite each other on the  lowlands festival terrain needed content. I created a map template for this content and the content in the style of the festival that Hansje van Halem and I set that year.

Preview of the content loops.

Motion design by Jurriaan Hos

Tree rings show the impact of climate change over the years. This digital art installation: Voice of Nature collects data coming from sensors in and around a tree, to generate a tree ring every second.

Indicating the tree’s well being and the impact of the environmental changes as they are happening right now. Giving the tree a voice to talk about the urgency of climate change.

The sensors measure amongst others the par light spectrum, moist levels, soil-moist rain levels, air quality and co2 levels. This data indicates the trees well being, second by second. For example an increase of polluted air or decrease of light coming in is directly visible on the giant aura like screen.

All attention goes to the economical impact of climate change, but what is the value of nature itself? Extracting data from nature will not only provide an insight in this wonderful world, but can also play a big role in raising the censorship on our most valuable resource.

Artist: Thijs Biersteker
Production: Woven Studio Local
Production: Here Your Art
Partner: TU Delft
Enabler: Xing Guang Hua City Construction (CN) ,
     Lumen Art Projects Ltd (UK) Here Your Art (CN)
Motion Design: Jurriaan Hos
Creative Coding: Mickey van Olst
Electronics: Bas van Oerle
Music: End of Time
Producer: Sophie de Krom

Copyright Jurriaan Hos 2021