Since 2017 Hansje van Halem redesigned the famous 25 year existing festival of Lowlands.
For the 2018 festival Hansje asked me to be a part of it making the moving imagery of her fantastic typographic design.

We design the artwork, festival trailer, website and announcements on various social media.
The unique look of the lines is programmed by Just van Rossum, everything I animate will go through a script giving it the typical lines and corners. 

A selection of announcement videos for Social Media

A selection of banners for the website

A selection of content blocks for the website

404 Error message for the website

Love Lowlands!


Client:  Mojo Concerts Erik van Eerdenburg / Bente Bollmann
Design & Art direction:  Hansje van Halem
Design assistent: Marjolein Rinckes
Programming: Just van Rossum 
Motion Design: Jurriaan Hos
Web: Fabrique

Copyright Jurriaan Hos 2018 — Utrecht, The Netherlands